Taking complexities out of digital transformation

A world where Industry 4.0 and digitalisation are designed and built for people – that’s the vision of Auk Industries. To get there, we’re helping to eliminate roadblocks and complexities that industrial organisations face in digital transformation – a top strategic goal cited by many, yet achieved by few.

World-class expertise meets
frontline experience

Drawing from our team’s deep, grounded frontline experience across world-class companies such as General Electric, Robert Bosch, Boeing Co, McKinsey & Co, and more, we recognised the need for three crucial elements – 
(a) business value, (b) organisation capabilities, and 
(c) scalable technologies – to converge and create lasting impact. 

In the past decade, we’ve helped digitalise and transform operations across five continents globally.

Inspired by the Auk

Like the Auk, an Arctic seabird with perfectly-balanced wings for powerful dives and minimum viable flights, we adopt a feather-light approach to digitalisation. Our compact yet powerful industrial IoT and software platform enables clients to deep dive into machine performance and gain valuable analytics.

Digital transformation that empowers people

Smart factories and digitalised operations go beyond data extraction and dashboard visualisation. True transformation lies in deep analytics and team engagement. We believe in a bottom-up approach to digital transformations – one that empowers employees, drives innovation and creates lasting success. 

Our successful clients self-deploy imaginative solutions with Auk’s technology, iterating with agility.

Technology for all,
technology for a better world

At Auk Industries, we recognise technology’s immense potential as a powerful equaliser. Just think about how the mobile phone technology bridged the gap between metropolitans and developing rurals, uplifting lives in the process.

Our mission is to build the most powerful digital engine for Industry 4.0 and make it accessible to all. In doing so, we level the playing field and help the smallest Mittelstand compete against even the world’s largest conglomerates.

Our Offices

To learn more about how we can help transform your operations, 
reach out to our nearest office.

Regional HQ, North America

107 S B St, Suite 300, San Mateo, CA 94401,
United States

Regional HQ, Europe & MEA

Viale Nuvoli 79/3, 10098 Rivoli TO, Italy

Regional HQ, Asia Pacific

81 Ayer Rajah Crescent #02-43, 133967, Singapore