Our Product

Edge IoT Gateway

Powered by Dell, our Auk Industrial IoT Gateway is designed to be a high powered industrial PC which has WiFi, Cellular and LAN connectivity for data streaming. Machine data is transferred securely to the gateway from our Edge IoT Nodes via a wireless mesh network.

Edge IoT Node

Our Auk Industrial Edge IoT Node is plug-and-play ready, with a simple connection to a machines I/O. Stream machine data within minutes of deployment securely.

Real-time dashboard

Drag and drop interface to model system dynamics, with system level analyses based on block diagram representation.

Pareto Analysis

Deep dive into the top 20% reasons that cause 80% of operational losses and compare it across difference shifts, productions lines and even factory wide.

Heat Map Analysis

High level glance at monthly plant performance in a single view, allowing easy identification of critical lines and segments.


Identify critical parameter thresholds and set sms/email notifications for important personnel to be notified and issues acted upon in the shortest time

How It Works