Deep data. Feather-light IoT.

Software Analytics

Access Auk dashboard via computers and mobile devices on-the-go

System-Level Modelling

Production line, factory performance can be analysed as a system to gain greater visibility on overall performance.

Identify potential bottlenecks automatically, essentially focusing your attention to solve the most critical points.

Deep Dive Machine View

Deep dive to individual assets to investigate issues using real-time, high-resolution data, where OEE is automatically color-coded into 11 different categories.

Pareto Analysis

Deep dive into the top 20% reasons that cause 80% of operational losses and compare it across different shifts, production lines and factory-wide.

Trend Analysis

Identify correlation of critical parameters to detect the anomaly and actuate an action.

With this, important personnel can be notified immediately and have the issues acted upon in the shortest time possible.


Identify critical parameter thresholds and set SMS or e-mail notifications for important personnel to be notified and issues acted upon in the shortest time.

Dynamic Standard-Time Management

A machine producing different SKUs may have a variety of CTs.

Auk analytics engine takes this into account to calculate the SKU-specific OEE and to ensure a highly refined and accurate OEE analysis.

Root-Cause Analysis

A quick helicopter view of multiple plants for the single entity, allowing you to focus your resources on the plants that require more attention.

With this feature, you can also easily conduct cross plant performance comparison.

Other Features

Including regression analysis, utilization heatmap, multi-level entity navigator, etc.