Single Source of Truth

Performance dialogues can be conducted using a single accurate set of data

Increased Productivity

Accurately identify top losses in the factory and uncover improvement insights

Real-Time Visibility

Status and performances of all machines and equipment can be monitored in real-time 

Automated Data

High speed data collection identifies gaps that are impossible to be tracked by human

Plug-and-Play Ready

Universal IoT devices can be deployed easily and software can be setup on the same day

Deep Data Analytics

System-level modelling and deep data analytics to derive insights for improvements

Future Proof

Rolling software feature updates. API available for software-to-software handshakes 

Cost Effective

TCO for end-to-end solution is 3-5x lower than most solutions in the market

End-to-end Solution

Auk Edge IoT Node and Gateway

The edge IoT node is designed to be universal plug-and-play and can be deployed onto most machines easily, regardless of age and brand. The machine data will then be transmitted wirelessly to the edge gateway, where it is being processed, aggregated and time stamped, before sending it to the cloud for further processing and analysis.

The hardware can take standard digital and analog signals (I/O), Modbus RTU, RS232 communications. It is also OPC-UA ready.

Intuitive real-time dashboard

Flexible drag-and-drop interface where machines and production lines are monitored in real-time at high data resolution. Advanced algorithm and data analytics enable insights to be derived to help reduce downtime and unlock extra production capacity.


Software features are ready-to-use on day 1 without complex setup and customization. Rolling feature updates are done to constantly update and upgrade the software capability.


Auk’s software is able to perform “handshakes” with other software systems such as ERP, MES and BI Platforms via API. API documentation ready.


How It Works

Frequently Asked Questions

The most important step is to first identify the pain points/business objectives that you want to solve (e.g. improve machine and production line efficiency, optimize energy costs, etc). From there, your team would have narrowed down the possible technologies in the market to achieve your business objectives. The next step is to appoint a project champion and identify a pilot line. Click here for more info: “6 Steps to Kickstart your Digitalisation Journey In Your Factory” 

It is crucial that Industry 4.0 or digital transformation should not be the end goal.It should be used as tools to achieve your business objectives or solve your pain points.

Our engineers will be glad to help you on identifying the parameters based on your objectives. Do contact us for advice.

Based on our survey and experience, the 3 biggest barriers are:

Complexity – highly complex and customized systems may require disruptive physical infrastructural change and software solutions that are built from the ground up.

Cost – complex and highly customized solutions that required long project cycle time may potentially lead to super high cost of adoption, with questionable ROI.

Human capital – There is a risk of onboarding end users and sustaining the ‘change management’ if no proper SOPs and project champion team are formed.

Auk Industries’ ready-to-use solution is designed to be universal plug-and-play that can be deployed easily onto most manufacturing facilities and we have ensured that it is cost-effective and affordable (our clients range from SME manufacturers to MNCs). Furthermore, we have a comprehensive hardware and software training programme  and a more intensive user onboarding and data analytics curriculum to ensure proper onboarding and sustenance of the new technology.

Depending on your business objectives, typically clients use our solution in 4 main manners:

  1. Improve machine and production line performance and 
  2. Improve preventive maintenance regime based on actual usage and/or machine condition
  3. Optimize energy and utility consumption and cost
  4. Manage critical control parameters (CCP)

Typically, the production and engineering/maintenance departments are the end users who interact with the system heavily on a daily basis. GM, operations directors and plant managers will use the system to derive high level insights and conduct performance dialogues to improve the performance of the plant and organization as a whole. Click here for more info: “I4.0 Technologies for Business Owner, Operations, Engineering and Operators.” 

As our system is cost effective, with a super short project cycle time (days or weeks to fully setup the system), 10-50x ROI can be expected.

Not additional CAPEX investment is required. We are using wireless technology at the edge. Do contact us to understand more.

A pilot project (1 line, 5-10 machines) completed within 1-5 days. A fully scale project roll out may take 4-12 weeks.

Yes, in fact it is strongly encouraged as it builds internal capability. Most successful clients chose to self-deploy (training and guidance are provided) and more often than not, they discover new use cases for the technology.

Hands-on hardware deployment and software analytics training will be provided to ensure proper onboarding. 

Apart from that, we do provide a more intensive 8-weeks intensive onboarding, lean manufacturing, data analytics to ensure the sustenance of the new technology adoption, if required. Do contact us to understand more.

Auk’s system has been deployed onto >80 manufacturing companies in different industries such as food manufacturing, FMCG, plastic injection molding, EMS, Semicon, chemical, medical industry, precision engineering, oil and gas services, and etc. The system is designed to be industry and machine brand agnostic.As long as you have clear business objectives, we will be glad to share the use cases and explore the technical feasibility.

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