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    Industrial Internet-of-Things (IIOT)
    Drive Operations with Data
    Unleash your full potential with connectivity
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    Cloud Mobility Solutions
    Monitor Vital Stats Real-Time
    Enhance awareness of operations for appropriate and timely control measures
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    Powerful Evaluation Tool
    Continuous Improvement
    Track performance to evaluate effectiveness of new control measures

At Auk Industries, We Empower Businesses with Operational Insights

Through connected sensors and devices, we collect, analyse and process operational data, enabling users to visualize specific problem areas and take decisive action.

Cost Savings

Digitize and automate tasks, reduce process waste and improve overall production throughput

Automate Notifications

Early detection of telltale signs for trouble enables rectification measures to be taken quickly

Wastage Reduction

Minimizing defects in the production line directly result in material wastage reduction and cost avoidance

Streamline Maintenance

Predictive techniques allow time to schedule preventive maintenance while maximizing equipment usage

Increase Productivity

Minimizing manual data-entry and information automation makes tasks easier and more intuitive, thereby improving labour productivity

Maximize Production Throughput

Improving productiviy, overall equipment effectiveness, and removing bottlenecks results in higher production throughput

How We Work

For customized solutions, we conduct diagnostics and engage stakeholders in our proposal for implementation. Data can be collected, processed and visualized in an intuitive user interface to glean actionable insights.

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