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Real-time Shopfloor Dashboard

The easy-to-use user interface enables users to drag-and-drop the different operations to form a real-time process flow where the performance of each machine is monitored continuously and the production bottlenecks identified automatically.

Deep Dive into Machine Performance

The robust analytics engine enables a responsive visualisation of machine OEE and high resolution machine output so that manufacturers are able to pinpoint exactly where to reduce costs and increase output.

Reports and Notifications

Set customised threshold to ensure that alarms and notifications are triggered during emergency or breakdowns to reduce downtime. Auto-generate production reports with just a click.

Edge IoT Node

Our Auk Industrial Edge IoT Node is plug-and-play ready, with a simple connection to a machines I/O. Stream machine data within minutes of deployment securely.

Edge IoT Gateway

Powered by Dell, our Auk Industrial IoT Gateway is designed to be a high powered industrial PC which has WiFi, Cellular and LAN connectivity for data streaming. Machine data is transferred securely to the gateway from our Edge IoT Nodes via a wireless mesh network.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, as long as your machines are electrically powered, we will be able to connect our device and collect real-time data on your machines operations. Our Auk Edge IoT device is designed to be universal and “plug-and-play” ready, which can be connected to almost all machines new or old. It has been installed on thousands of machines across the  world, including Singapore and Europe, and across many different industry segments such as F&B manufacturing, FMCG, automotive, EMS and more.

Only 1 single internet connection point (LAN strongly recommended) is required for the Auk Edge gateway.

Factory-wide WIFI connectivity is not required as the Auk Edge IoT device transmits data to the Auk Edge gateway via an intranet. Furthermore, Auk uses an enterprise level secured-cloud platform as part of the end-to-end solution, which means there is no need to invest in a physical server system.

It is first important for you to identify the objectives for employing the Auk system. Appropriate parameters can then be defined based on your objectives and pain points. 

For example, if your objective is to improve the OEE for a packaging line, a proximity sensor that counts the number of products passing through the machine can help measure the output, the OEE and the various minor/major stoppages. A reject signal can also be connected to give you the real-time reject rates.

An Auk Edge IoT device can be deployed onto a machine within minutes. A pilot project of 10 machines can be fully set up within a day or two and a full scale project of about 100 machines or more can be completed within 1-2 months.

This is a fast and efficient timeline relative to the typical project cycle of months or years for other solutions. 

Yes, you can. Auk’s system is intentionally designed to be simple enough for self-deployment (with Auk’s support) to build up internal capability and to ensure scalability. Minimal configuration is required to set up the software platform and manufacturers are usually able to view their factory floor data on the live dashboard on the same day itself.

Our “plug-and-play” Auk Edge IoT device is made for easy deployment with just 5 simple steps and that should only take 10-15 minutes per machine to set up:

1) Identify your objectives and the parameters you want to monitor and analyse.

2) Find the sensor/relay signal connection point at the machine control panel

3) Connect the signals to our Auk Edge IoT device using the various available channels or through a connection point

4) Add the device to the your dashboard

5) Monitor and analyse the data

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